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Ep 32 - Prisoner of Azkaban 21: Goblet of Thrones ft. Neil MacQuarrie

Hello! In today's episode we're drinking the most basic bitch of beers - Brewdog Punk IPA. Why are we being so basic you ask? Well, why else could it be - Neil is back! And by VERY popular demand (see, we DID read the listen survey responses!). This ep we read & discuss chapter 21 of PoA. "Only one chapter?!" I hear you all cry out in confusion - well, YES, we recorded for 3 hours, so now you get the blessing of not only one, but TWO basic bitch Neil episodes. It's a Christmas miracle. Neil REALLY wanted to come on to discuss time travel. Instead there's some absolutely spectacular accents at play (and some less spectacular), we go on a HUGE (and now very topical, despite this being recorded weeks ago) rant about JK Rowling, we talk a lot about Game of Thrones, and Marvel, and puberty, and we do a hell of a lot of singing. And absolutely no talk about time travel. Poor Neil.

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