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Episode 10 - Philosopher's Stone Film: Daddy's Gone Mad, Hasn't He?!

Welcome to episode 10 (omg) of Goblet of Wine! And now we've finished the first book it's time for the first of our film episodes! In another (this time unplanned) format switch-up, it's the first episode where we aren't drunk. Nope, we're hungover. We *may* have accidentally got too drunk the night before whilst watching the film and had to go to bed early. Oops. But we wanted to get this recorded whilst the memories were fresh, and we definitely didn't want to start drinking at 9am, so here we are unusually sober and horribly hungover. Honestly, this episode is mostly us quoting the film incessantly in exaggerated British accents, fan girling over the cast and over analyising the era accuracy of their hair styles.

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