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Much like Harry when he was left on a doorstep in late October to freeze to death and have his frozen body punted across the lawn by the front door opening in the morning, the podcast is A YEAR OLD!!!! Wow, wasn’t that a tenuous segue? THAT’S RIGHT! It’s been a whole year since me and Hannah first put out our awful, drunken takes on Harry Potter for the world to listen to, and somehow so far no one has stopped us - not even a time travelling version of our future selves or one of JK Rowling’s lawyers. So to celebrate a year of giving our largely unwanted opinions we’re coming at you with a bonus episode! Listen to us record a special episode whilst on instagram live, including: much reminiscing, answering YOUR Q&A’s, and answering Harry Potter themed ‘fuck, marry, kill’ voice notes from our Patreon supporters. Featuring classic moments such as us struggling over a dick shaped bottle, attempting to do American accents, and doing many, many shots.

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