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Our Story


Charlie and Hannah met in 2013. We'd love to be able to provide context on where and how we met, however that's one mystery we've never managed to exactly work out. All we know is that in 2013 we were both running makeup YouTube channels, and consequently hung out a few times before losing contact for 4 years.

In 2017 fate intervened when we ended up working for the same company. Reunited, our friendship quickly blossomed over our love of makeup, booze, and most importantly - Harry Potter. We both started listening to a podcast called Potterless and having lengthy Skype conversations about how much we loved it. Then, one fateful day after an excruciatingly boring finance meeting those conversations turned to how could we do a podcast. 

After much back and forth we decided that naturally, it had to be about Harry Potter. But what would be our twist? As two Brits there was really only one option - booze. And lots of it. And thus, Goblet of Wine was born.

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